Certified Las Vegas Marriage Certificate

After your ceremony, you will take home the keepsake marriage certificate.  This copy is more of souvenir copy, so the official marriage certificate is ordered through the Clark County Recorder's Office.  Most couples order this online, since Ministers have 10 days to record your marriage certificate.  Once it is recorded, you can order the certified copy.  Here's a link to the Clark County Recorder's Office website:


Clark County Recorder's Office - Certified Marriage Certificate

Expedited & Additional Services

If you would like additional assistance with ordering the apostille, we can also assist with ordering the apostille and expediting the process.  Just let your wedding consultant know so they can prepare your paperwork in advance.  Here are your options:


Option 1 - Standard Apostille Service

Standard Apostille Service includes the 

filing of the Marriage Certificate on the next

business day. The purchase of one Certified

copy of the Marriage Certificate and one

Certified Apostille document. This service 

takes six to eight weeks for completion 

and delivery by the U.S. Postal Service.

The cost for this service is $105 USD,

to be collected in cash, on the day of the ceremony.


*For the following countries it is suggested

that FedEx shipping services be added to 

the Standard service option. This is due to

problems with the mail service in these

countries. To add FedEx shipping the cost

is an additional $50 USD:










Option 2 - Expedited Apostille Service

Expedited Apostille Service includes

the filing of the Marriage Certificate on the next 

business day. The purchase of one Certified

copy of the Marriage Certificate and one 

Certified Apostille document. This service

takes seven to ten days for completion and

delivery by the use of FedEx shipping 

services. The cost for this service is 

$250 USD, to be collected in cash, on the

day of the ceremony.


There is an extra document required called

the Affidavit of the Marriage License 

Application for the countries listed below

for an additional $10 USD.




The Netherlands




Your country may also require an apostille.  If your country does require an apostille, you can order one through the Secretary of State's Office.  This is ordered once you receive your certified marriage certificate.  Here's a link:


Secretary of State's Office - Apostille

Nevada Apostille

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