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Graceland Wedding Chapel - Parking

Parking is located at the rear of the chapel.  To access the rear parking lot, here are the directions:


Traveling from the South end of the Strip, such as the MGM Grand, Bellagio, or Wynn Hotel, please travel North on Las Vegas Blvd, turn right on Garces, and then turn left into the first alley, in between Las Vegas Blvd. and 6th Street.  The parking lot will then be on your right side.


Traveling from the Downtown Las Vegas area, such as Fremont Street, please travel South on Las Vegas Blvd, turn left on Bonneville, and turn right into the alley in between Las Vegas Blvd and 6th Street.  The parking lot will be on your left side.


Please use the map below to illustrate the direction.

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Graceland Wedding Chapel - Las Vegas , Nevada

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